Devastating world-wide change is occurring. As economies collapse, protests and food riots have broken out throughout the world. Will America be next? With all of the changes occurring, what can you do to fortify your family? If there is an economic collapse, natural disaster, empty grocery shelves, how and what would you and your family EAT and DRINK?! How would you survive?

"To Know and do nothing is the same as not knowing." BEING PREPARED IN TIMES OF CRISIS offers useful, practical information during a crisis, even if it is for a few hours during a power outage. There is security and peace of mind in knowing that you are PREPARED to IMMEDIATELY ACT in the best interest of yourself and family.

With the nation-wide ripple effects of Occupy Wall Street in the United States, will it lead to Martial Law? If it does, are YOU PREPARED?

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"Diligence is the mother of good fortune."


    What is this ebook about?
    • This is an excellent question. Please download the FREE chapter that tells you "What's Going On?!" by offering a synopsis of the global crisis and how we are all impacted.
    • Download free chapter PDF - ( here )
    Who needs this book and why?
    • EVERYONE! If you live in an apartment, mobile home, three-story house or a mansion. If you are single or have a family, this book is for you. The information provided in this book provides solutions that offers preparedness during any crisis, i.e. a power outage, ice storm, flood, tornado, water main break, etc. You need this book because you will receive practical information that DOESN'T read like a novel for how to fortify yourself as an Individual or you and your family as a Provider. Devastating world-wide change is occurring, are you prepared?
    How can I download the book?
    • The ebook is published in the epub file format, which is available for many modern ebook readers ( kindle, nook & iphone are good examples) and/or applications.
    What is this ebook about?
    • FREE Articles discussing why we're experiencing multiple crisis and what others are doing.
    • Links to all the information available in both book versions, taking you directly to the web site for either more free information and/or to purchase products.
    • What Home Emergency Supplies you should have.
    • Which communities use their own currency.
    • Charts and Graphs, and much more...
    • WHAT'S INSIDE?...


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